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Do you have some antlers you want to sell?  We buy antlers of all kinds….elk, coues deer, mule deer….brown or white.  we have buyers located throughout Arizona and we can direct you to our nearest buyer.  Find out what we can offer you, call or email today!

Alan Ellsworth – 928-587-2967

Josh Epperson – 928-300-8707

Adam Ellsworth – 928-242-9822






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  1. Hello,
    I have just started shed hunting and wanted to find a local buyer that I could contact if I collect enough to sell. I was curious how the process and prices worked. Any and all information is welcome. Thank you for your time!

  2. I have 3 sets of elk antlers that I’d like to sell. I’m checking with several buyers. The antlers have holes in them because they were a lamp at one time. Each side is about 31″ and each has 5 spikes. Would you have any use for these as handles etc.?

    I live in Green Valley, AZ about 25 miles south of Tucson.

  3. Hey there, I live in the northern Phoenix area and was wondering if you have anyone in the valley to buy some horns? I have about 20 lbs of grade B that I’m looking to get rid of this week. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from u!

  4. My Father recently passed away and his Wife would like to sell a nice 6X6 European mount. They are hanging outside in a large garage out of the weather. They are from AZ, somewhere around the Flagstaff area.
    We are here in Topock, Golden Shores area. If you could point me in the right direction, that would be great.

  5. looking to sell the sets of elk antlers I have can someone direct me to a person that buys them. I live in morenci az. thanks

  6. Hi I live in Globe as and had a pair of antlers im trying to sell if interested please contact me at 9282358881our email thank you
    Kimberly Baker

  7. Hello out there, I am located in Tucson and want to buy ether a dear or elk horn. I will need to see them to make sure I get a size that will fit the project. I am making a walking stick.

  8. Good afternoon;

    Can you give me the price for 15,000 Lbs of Bura Y cola Blanca deer

    The purchase would be made in a single exhibition.

    I appreciate your fast response.

    Best regards

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